The Doaktown Dental Clinic started out as a Church built in 1906 (Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church). In 1990, the Church closed and it was not until 1997, when Dr. Darrell McKenzie and his wife, Muriel, converted it into a Dental Practice. Darrell practiced in this office for 18 years before his retirement.

Dr. Janet McGinnis came to the Doaktown Clinic in 2015, and has enjoyed getting to know the community and surrounding areas. Although, Janet is no stranger to the Miramichi area; as her Grandmother comes from the Miramichi. Janet has enjoyed learning about fishing and hunting that is the heart of the community. She is pleased to be able to provide her Dental Services in such a beautiful place.

office now

Janet has made many updates to the practice including digital x-rays, new dental chairs and equipment in each operatory, and some cosmetic upgrades to the building as well. Janet is happy to be acccepting new patients.